Dodger has given Daniel joy in riding. He would still rather not ride more often than not, but if Daniel does decide he wants to ride, it must be Dodger. He ONLY trusts Dodger to carry him. He knows intuitively that Dodger will take care of him. Dodger knows that Daniel won't hurt him.

Dodger doesn't seem comfortable with any saddle tree we have tried so Daniel and he use a rope halter and a loop rein as their only tack. It works for them!

These photographs have been taken over the two and a half years that we have had Dodger. Daniel was almost eleven when Dodger came home to our house to live with his three herd mates. Now, Daniel is thirteen. The picture on the lower left was taken recently (September 2005). In it, Dodger gives a careful look to his "arch enemy," Breezy. The two of them are rarely together by choice. Breezy typically is seen chasing Dodger off, but we had both horses in the corral giving rides to the kids. Daniel's sister, Michaela, was on Breezy.

For pictures of Dodger clicker here. For more pictures of Dodger and Daniel click here.

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