I have photographs of our horses, dogs and family at various locations on the internet. Please visit any of the following:

  • Photographs of Doc Tari Zebra
  • Photographs of our horses, dogs, family
  • 5 min. video of Daniel and Dodger and Their Special Connection.
  • May 18, 2006 (1 minute) We Discuss Life Lately and Harley Gives a Kiss.
  • Short video of Doc following his recovery from an accident :-)
  • Sugar Plum Harley-Video
  • Michaela (my then 10 year old daughter) and Breezy preparing for a show - Video
  • Near You Breezy and Michaela - Video
  • Michaela and Breezy In the Show - Video
  • Hubby and Daniel Ride - Video
  • Unicorn Breezy and Princess Michaela - Video
  • Doc and Breezy Video at the Arena (See note below...)
     Since Doc has been lame so much of his young life, whenever I take him to the arena, I like to see if he can get a chance to really stretch his legs. He habitually tends to "bunny-hop" his back legs (from being a bit defensive--they have been in pain a lot during his short life). In this video you can see me chasing Doc (the darker horse of the two) and Breezy with the lead rope--*only* to get them to move around some--preferably at a canter. What results is a show that we truly delighted to see. Doc was so lame and so in pain when we got him in March of 2003 that he was scheduled to be euthanized. This video gives me so much joy to see and to share!