Some Matches Are Heaven-Sent...

Daniel had a frightening experience early in his horsemanship at age 10. A horse ran away with him. He had to learn to trust again. Dodger, who had been treated very harshly by humans prior to landing in our family, had to learn to trust again, too.

Daniel and Dodger have connected on a deep level--deep enough to give Dodger a glimpse of a new truth in his life: That he *can* trust again without fear of humans harming him. You can see in the pictures above, Dodger even follows Daniel at liberty. This, from a mustang who used to take off running at the first sign of a halter! Daniel has discovered that he has something special no one else has and many people covet--a way with a formerly wild mustang! It doesn't get much sweeter than that for a boy with Asperger's Syndrome!

For pictures of Dodger clicker here. For more pictures of Dodger and Daniel click here.

Starting with Daniel, Dodger learned to believe in humans. He is the joy of my heart (seen below) for the love he has brought to my son, Daniel, but also to my own life. He is also quite a character!

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